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signs of pressure


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Wow... Flat, pierced primer and you can literally see the ramp of the barrel on the side of the case. Judging from the lack of relief in the headstamp printing, it almost looks like the head of the case is flattened too. I'm thinking this is about as bad as it gets before you have a blow out.

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I cant see the head stamp but that's also what happens when sometimes when you shoot a 9mm load, loaded in a .380 or 9x18 case in a 9mm. The primer starts to back out, then the case slams back on it. It can create the illusion of excessive pressure. If you shoot 9mm in a .38 super you also get the "drastic pressure" illusion.

Note that at one point this case was shot out of a H&K. Im not sure if the both the pistols and subguns have the fluted chambers but I know the subguns do.

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