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Trijicon HD poi problems


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I put some GL101O sights on my G17, and went to the range. I was disappointed to see that my POI was about 4" high at 20 yards. I asked another experienced shooter to shoot my gun, thinking I might be doing something terribly wrong, and he had the same result. My load is 5.0 grains of Power Pistol with a 124 grain Montana Gold RN or JHP depending on what is available. When I called Trijicon, I was connected with a marginally competent customer service rep who confirmed my calculation that I need a 0.035 inch taller sight, which they have available as a non-catalogue item. It costs $79 with an additional $10 shipping charge. She did inform me that I could have exchanged it if I had not installed it. I don't know how I was to deduce this need without installing the sight first.

Has anyone else had a similar problem? If so what did you do about it?

Thanks for looking.

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To make that kind of correction and to keep the front sight matched with your rear, you likely don't have many options. I would contact Trijicon again and see if I could speak with someone else about this issue. You are correct - kind of hard to know where the POI is going to be until you install the sight! Sometimes the calculated POI is not the same as the actual POI, and I have noticed this to be especially true with Glock 9mm pistols. Dawson Precision is really good about helping when you need a different height sight. See their "Perfect Impact Promise" on their website.

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I use Warren rears and either Warren or Dawson front FO sights on my G17's /G19's and had to go to .245" front height instead of the suggested .215" . I have one Gen 3 G19 that I'm thinking of trying a 10-8 precision .250" FO front as I'm still high at 25 yds with 124 gr. bullets. The only Glock I own that was able to use the suggested .215" front was a G22 Police trade-in I bought .


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