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9mm major plated bullets accuracy guide with xtreme And berrys


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Ok. So we all know that played bullets should not be crimped. I discovered something amazing today. The case bell is the ultimate differentiator. I did 50 rounds with the case mouth belled to .391 and 50 rounds belled to .371. What did I find?

With jacked bullets, no difference. With plated bullets, I did 10 5 shot groups at both bell sizes. Load at 170 of with extreme 115 and 124 hps... The .371 bells had an average group size of about 3 inches with 1 or 2 fliers that opens the groups beyond 5 inches.

The .391 bells had 10 5 shot groups that averaged 2 inches... Not a single flyer out of the 50 rounds!

Crimp was at .3775 on the average.

All these months trying to understand why sometimes I had accurate played loads and sometimes horrible. Now I know: no crimp and case mouth bell to .391.

The hypothesis is that opening the case mouth more minimizes played bullet damage while seating. Pretty simple. Same hypothesis of crimp damaging the played bullets.

Give it a try and let me know if this is the case in other guns also.

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After ready Vol 1 of Patrick Sweeney's "Book of the 1911" which better explained reloading pistol rounds the any other reloading book (including his) I have always set my crimp for plated bullets at .378 or slightly less depending on brand. Accuracy jumped. Good read and highly recommend. Forget the next volumes as all the good stuff is in one unless you enjoy seeing reviews of new guns....c

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9mm and 38Super should be crimped to the same diameter. The average case wall is .010 so take the bullet diameter, add the case walls, and you come out to somewhere around .375-.378.

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I've had mixed results with Xtreme. The .355" are marginal at best in most of my guns, but their .356" are okay. For roughly the same price, I seem to get better results from Berrys.

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