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New Trigger For My Edge


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I think I need a shorter trigger for my Edge.....my hands are on the small side.

So I was wondering......should I get the STI short, gunsmith blank, or try to fit an SVI in?

I really only want to do this one time and get back to shooting!!!

Thanks in advance

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I ordered my Dawson CRP Edge with the STI Short curved trigger because I also have small hands. Prior to ordering this gun I have three 2011's all with the SVI short Flat trigger. Since this gun was going to be a backup gun to one of my existing pistols I thought this would suffice, it wasn't bad but it wasn't the same either. This past weekend I had my gunsmith cut down and install the STI Gunsmith Blank trigger. It is approximately the same length as the SVI Short Flat trigger with about a 15 minute install and I like the feel much better than the short curved trigger. Either way I believe you will be satisfied but if you plan to do it yourself the STI Gunsmith Blank is the way to go in my opinion. Good Luck.

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Thanks for the info guys!

I really want the look of the SVI but I need to find a smith to do that work. I am sure I could do it, but this blaster is my baby and I don't wanna mess her up

I am thinking that I will get the blank and the short and if I don't like the short STI I can get the blank and file on it myself.

Thanks for the pictures too that was awesome!

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If you have multiple pistols a huge advantage is you can cut a bunch of gunsmith fit triggers the same to set em all up identical for a fraction of the price. I'm convinced most guys are drawn to the SVI's mostly because they look uber cool. ( nothing wrong with that)

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Just for the record, I ended up with a STI short trigger fit by a smith. I fit a blank as well, but I like the feel of the texture on the stock short trigger better. I might continue to mess with the blank when I get some more time, but for now, the new short trigger is amazing and the trigger job is 1000% better than it was before.

And it wasn't even that bad to begin with!

No more excuses for me.......the gun will do its part now I just need to do my part.

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