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Options for mounting optic on SA 9mm 1911 Slide?


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I'd like to hear from those who have either machined their existing slide or bought a replacement slide for their 1911 which could be machined for an optics mount. My wife wants to add optics to one of her 1911s and the only two optics that don't require machining/new slide are a grip mount and and EGW adapter for the LPA cut. My wife doesn't want the grip mount and the EGW adapter is limiting in terms of compatible optics.

We're not looking to build up a race gun, just a near stock 1911 with decent optics mounted as close to the bore axis as practical.

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No, just old and feeble.

The !st Burris would not change elevation when received and mounted, replacement has zipped right along for over a year and a half.

The adapter (from Arredondo) was because my gunsmith was set up for JP slide work and it was easier to just use the adapter than set up for a different hole arrangement.

My slide was cut deeper to make up for the depth of the adapter.


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The SA 9mm Springfield Loaded has an LPA rear sight mount. EGW is the only company that makes an adapter for JP/Optima optical sights (EGW is currently out of stock). Neither I nor my wife have significant experience using optical sights, but with my wife shooting both iron sights and optical sights machining the slide for a lower optical axis would seem to make the most sense. Any recommendations regarding gunsmiths who routinely do this sort of modification?

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I'm about to send my RIA 1911 slide to Fred Totts (330-620-8246) to get an Aimpoint Micro mounted similar to the attached photo. However, I won't be adding the extension tubes on my Aimpoint. Fred Totts mostly does the Aimpoint mounting for Bullseye competition guns. Fred also makes a replacement steel base for the Aimpoint Micro. Fred says the original Aimpoint Micro base is not sturdy enough for mounting on the slide.

L&M Precision Guns can mill your slide for a RMR, Deltapoint, DR or FastFire. He doesn't mill slides for Aimpoint Micros.


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