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Sketchup -Quick question for the experts.

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I live out in the country and have no Internet access. If I have a Google Chrome computer that has no software on it. If I have a large external hard drive can I download sketchup onto the hard drive and still design stages while not having Internet access?

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Sketchup is a local application so once you have it installed, you don't need Internet access unless you need to get to the 3D warehouse or something like that. However, the download apps are for Mac and Win systems, not ported to an app that I'm aware of. You can use Viewer but it doesn't have the functionality to make stages and such. There is an app that allows remote access to other systems and you could access that one but that defeats the purpose of having the remote access since you won't be connected to the internet. If you have any Win or Mac systems around, they will work for sure.

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