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Krebs/Brazos thumb shield on a PT frame.


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Right now Phoenix Trinity is only doing ambi thumb safeties. I'll admit, I'm biased toward them.

Another option is to check with Glenn Rasch of Lone Star Innovations. He's developing shielded thumb safeties in a variety of flavors (ambi, single-side, etc).

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If this is 3-gun specific, you may be real interested in a special safety that Glenn did for another 3-gun guy. Using his own safety (can't remember if it was single or ambi), he added a spring to it that always applied upward pressure. You had to maintain down pressure with your thumb to keep it disengaged. Seems as though this would pretty much eliminate the 3-gun dump bucket concern. Give Glenn a call at (713) 823-1676 and tell him Todd sent you.

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