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There is a new rule book out that has some significant differences from the past.

Been some interesting scandals in the sport with HQ and shooters.

You might check out the Production Optics threads. Who knows? you might be the 10th shooter IN THE WORLD to show interest in it! :devil::cheers:

And seeing how you are an Ohioan, there is a new club coming online this year up near Zanesville. Briar Rabbit

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Actually, according to the latest poll numbers, there are now a grand total of 15 members in favor of production optics. But then, maybe some found a way to vote twice :roflol:

I am just glad we have that "unfollow topic" option! I clicked that sucker months ago, to put a stop to production optics reply's cluttering up my in box ;)

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I've already voted on that thread....go shoot open! I've got Bomars on my XD and that's plenty fine with me. :)

I did read the thread about the BOD letter and the resignation. The official response from HQ didn't quite sound kosher....oh well.

Zanesville is 3+ hours for me with no direct route.

Kevin, do you know of a summary anywhere of the changes? My RO cert expired a long time ago (shame) and my rulebook is from 2008.

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