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Which Spartan for Single Stack?


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Im a glock guy. I mostly shoot open, but I saw a STI Spartan in 45 on my lgs and I was tossing around the idea because ive wanted to get a 1911 to see how the other side lives. This is mostly just for fun, but I don't want to need to buy another if I ever wanted to shoot single stack.

My question is the V the only real choice for single stack (Goverment Model?) Or is the IV just fine (commander model?)?

Is it similar to how everyone uses glock 35's for limited and nobody uses Glock 22's?

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For USPSA get the 5".

I've seen maybe 2 guys using sub 5" 1911s in single stack and there are some guys going to 5.4"s.

Commander guns are fine, but like you noted with the Glock example, when given the choice people gravitate towards the additional sight radius and speed afforded by the longer slides/barrels.

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That's what I was thinking. I haven't shot in a division with a box yet so I thought I would ask.

Spartan Models:

V -- 5.11 Barrel 8.50 Overall

IV -- 4.23 Barrel 8.01 Overall

III -- 3.24 Barrel 7.34 Overall

Ill have to check which one it is. I didn't realize there was more than one model when I looked at it the first time

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Get the 5" gun

if you carry it 3/4" isn't going to matter

If you compete with it, it'll make a world of difference in a lot of ways

to name a few, sight picture, sight radius, recoil management, reliability, handling etc etc etc

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