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Difficult to lower press from powder position


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Reloading on Dillion 550b

When case goes into station 2 (powder dispense) it Is difficult to lower stage. case goes into funnel but is difficult when removing from die.

If case does not go into station 1 sizing station I have no problem going in station 2. Example: if I load case directly into station 2 skipping station 1 then no problem. Then taking same case (with no powder) back to station 1 then back to station 2 the case is very difficult to remove from die using the same case.

I am using the egw u die in station 1 & Dillion dies for all other stations.

Is it my brass or something out of adjustment with press? Or other?


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Two things: the expander is rough and needs to be polished or the die is not properly aligned. Loosen the lock ring on the powder feed die, run a case into it, and, with case in the die and powder measure in fully open condition as though charging the case, tighten the lock ring.

The critical bit of information in the video was NEW cases. Cases that have some soot in them have, for all intents and purposes, a dry lube already present. Also, all cases should (not "have to" but should) be deburred once, lightly, inside and out.

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This question again? A simple search will turn up pages of info in brass sticking on the powder funnel. Probably ranks right up there with the "why does the shell plate keep tightening?" Threads

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Lee's U die will size brass tighter. Remove the powder through die. I used a drill press but insert the powder funnel in the drill press

polish the part that goes in the brass till a piece of sized brass will slip over the powder funnel. Use a piece of 400 paper then Simi Chrome Polish.

I polish the inside of the Powder Funnel

with a wad of Q Tips and Simi Chrome polish. Purchase it here at a Motorcycle Supply House but you can get it at Brownell's or Midway USA.

Brass should slip on the funnel with out effort. Also stops Chigger Bites on the case mouth. Always lube cases.

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Believe me, I know what chiggers are (grew up in Oklahoma), but what are "chigger bites on the case mouth"?

Mike41, as far as your problem with the sticky powder funnel, I just chuck the powder funnel up in a lathe and turn it small enough for the sized brass to slip over it.

Usually somewhere around .393" when using the EGW U die.

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