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prvi partizan 69 grain match


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Actual velocity will depend on your barrel (chamber dimensions, etc.). For example, the 75 grain .223 Prvi variant has a 10 shot average of 2663 feet per second, measured at the chronograph (not estimated back to muzzle). That was in April or May of 2014 on a day in the high 60s F. In New Bern, NC.

I think that is fast for my 18" barrel length considering that the 610mm (24 inch) test barrel has 830 meters per second (2723 fps) listed as its muzzle velocity on their web site.

Unfortunately, their site does not have ballistic coefficients for their component bullets. They give part numbers for them but nothing very detailed on their performance characteristics.

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I went to the website also and could not find a BC listed for loaded ammo or in the component section. Perhaps if you sent an email to them, they may respond. As for velocity, I agree that you will need to chrono out of your rifle for best results.


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.309 for PRVI 69gr is what I've been using per this:


Their 2013 and 2014 catalog shows .31 on page30:



I've been happy with that ammo, haven't encountered any problems with it.

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