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factory trigger stop?


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Have y'all seen the new c.o.r.e. with a factor trigger over travel stop. I've been considering putting a stop in mine.

Has anyone tried out the factory one? Have good pictures of it?

Or anyone made their own?

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I just drilled out the lower portion of the two piece trigger and put a 4-40 set screw. Note I had to play with the angle till the screw would be nearly square with the back of the trigger guard. Once I got it where I liked it, I built up some black bedding compound up around the trigger stop screw to blend it in with the trigger. I left about .010" between the frame and trigger for the over-travel slack. If you need some pictures, let me know.

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Was a picture I pulled off the video, because I thought about doing it to a full size 9.

I handled a new PC 9, and didn't see any kind of metal sleeve that the set screw sat in, so I believe it's just drilled and tapped into the frame, and adjustments are made through the backstrap area. Wondering how durable a solution this would be made me ultimately not do it.

If anyone else has insight on it. Would be appreciated.


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