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Old School/ New School Holster Thread


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I went back to 2010 and didn't see a dedicated holster thread. Holster designs have always fascinated me. Classic leatherwork to modern race rigs, lets see some holsters and mag pouches you've run over the years. I'll get some pics of some of my gear later tonight.

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It took me a bit longer than I had intended, but here are a few pictures of rigs that I currently own.

First up is my Simply Rugged Cuda Rig. This is the setup I started out with, carrying my mags in 2 SR mag pouches and a Bianchi Double Mag Pouch. This rig doubles as a carry rig part of the time.


Next up is my Hellweg competition holster. I had been using this with CR Speed pouches, but just recently started playing around with some old Safariland pouches I picked up for a song. I have 2 more singles I can add if I need to. Here they are mounted to a Safariland belt, but I most likely will adapt this rig to a different belt setup.


When I bought the Safariland pouches, I also picked up an Ernie Hill Speed rig. I think it was originally for a 6" 1911, but someone cut it down to fit a 5" gun. Its not pretty, but it does securely hold my pistol. I'm not sure if I am going to use it or not.


And last but not least, my CB Kydex setup for my CZ85b. The holster can be adjusted for 15* muzzle forward rake, and the mag pouches can be adjusted individually for tension, while still taking up very little space on the belt. The belt is a DSG Arms competition belt.




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