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Two P09 questons


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No trigger return spring issues and im up to almost 6k rounds on my original CGW's trigger spring.

The sight dovetail is not the same. You're stuck with sights cut for the P09 or a custom dovetailed cut to make other sights fit.

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Some people seemed cursed with trigger return springs, others not so much.

I have been shooting CZs since about 2007, have yet to break a trigger return spring or slidestop.

Been running a P09 with the factory trigger return spring for few months with no issues.

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I have 5 CZs one with about 4k rounds through it and no trigger return spring issues - of course I automatically order CGW's TRS and special pin for each new CZ I purchase because I have heard the same thing. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as they say.

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