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Nordic Comp +9 Tube - Spring Length?


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Installed a Nordic Comp +9 Tube on my Benelli M2 last night, along with an uncut Nordic Comp extension tube spring. While dry-cycling rounds, I noticed the last round in the tube got stuck on the lifter and didn't feed maybe 50% of the time. It seemed like the spring was too short (it only extended 10" extended beyond the end of the tube). I've ordered new Nordic Comp springs to see if this will fix the problem, but has anyone else had this issue? If so, what was the fix?

I assume the Nordic springs are the way to go, but let me know if I'm missing something.

Thanks in advance!!

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How long is the total length of your magazine tube spring?

Nordic uncut magazine tube springs are 45" in length.

Your magazine tube spring should extend 12" to 14" beyond the magazine tube extension.

I like to go 14" beyond the magazine tube extension and wouldn't go any shorter with a long magazine tube extension.

12" beyond a long magazine tube extension is living on the edge.

When you put your new magazine tube spring in don't trim it before you install it, load the magazine tube first with as many shells you can in it, let the spring take a set and then trim it to length.

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I thought the spring I installed was new, but the package was unsealed so there's a chance it's used. Either way, I've got several brand new Nordic springs headed my way so I'll compare them with my current spring when the new ones arrive. I normally run a spring 14" past the end of the extension, but the spring I used wasn't that long.

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12-14" past the end is what I would recommend. I originally cut mine to about 12" but it's at about 11" past the end of the tube now. Zero feeding issues, either with the tube packed or last shells being fed.

This is with an M2 and +7 tube.

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I hope everyone better than me uses at least 16" of spring more than their extension length. :devil:

Every shotgun I have run, 870, P12, 1100, 11-87, SLPs, VMs, M3000, M4, M2 has run 100% with 10" of free spring length. Some did not run with 16" plus BTW.

If you have at least 9 rounds in the magazine. The length after a day or two compressed and a 20-30 full cycles should, in inches, about equal your shell count for the best balance of variables. I also found that the longer lengths need to be replaced more often. You will lose about an inch after sitting compressed and the first case of ammo.

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Got my new Nordic springs and cut them 11" past the end of the extension and the shotgun's working like a charm now! Thanks to all for the great advice - seems like no matter how long I do this stuff (3-gun), there's always more to learn.

ETA - figured out that what I thought was my "new" spring had actually been cut.

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