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Rifle Rods for gun safe storage report/review


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I've been in the process of moving residences and downsizing space but cannot part with enough long guns to fit in the two safes I now have in the new house. Solution was to put a third safe in a storage unit but I had to compromise there also and get one that is smaller than I prefer. Solution was a product called rifle rods.

No point in taking pictures as they look the same in my safes as they do in the pictures on Amazon and on the company's web site. My purpose here is just to report that they're working very well for their intended use which is storage of long guns for which I do not need everyday access, although my storage unit is available to me 24/7 if I need something. These are guns I want to be able to get to without unloading the whole safe but don't take out everyday except during the appropriate season such as waterfowl shotguns, upland shotguns, PCP air rifles, varmint rifles, big game rifles, etc. when I'll rotate them into the house.

Obviously I haven't been through the seasons with this method yet although I've done many tests and I can unequivocally state that with the rifle rods I can easily access the guns in the back of the safe without having to move an unreasonable number in the front and that I've now got more available space (to add more guns.....?) than I did when I started.

I have read all the reviews and seen YT video so I'm not going to repeat any of that but I do have a couple of points that might save you some time and/or money. First I didn't want to buy the complete set because it included the loop Velcro part at a very high incremental cost so I started by ordering just two .17 caliber rods which I knew I'd need (actually need a few more) and got with my wife's Amazon Prime. I tried them in current safes to see if they'd stick to the existing fabric as recommended online -it didn't so I went to Joann fabrics with one of the rods and started trying different types of cloth until I found a gray felt fabric that was identical to the lining in a previous safe I had and it stuck perfectly. For $2 I got enough fabric for all three safes and then I spent $6 for a can of Elmers spray glue. Ordered several more of the add-on six packs of the rods and now my safes are much better organized and accessible. The only negative I had read is that some people think they are too flexible but with the butt stock properly positioned I have 12 gauge o/u's and autos as well as a couple of heavy dangerous game rifles securely positioned. Short guns are secure too.

Sorry for being long-winded but I just wanted to let you know that this is a product that works for me - no affiliation with company.

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