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9mm Revolver (S&W 986) target loads (WST)


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I just picked up a S&W 986 a couple days ago. My intent was to use for a few plate matches, but possibly a PPC match first. Haven't fired it yet, been too cold (0 degrees F) and daughters basketball games. Looking for accurate 9mm revolver mouse fart loads! In my 686 my load has been 2.9gr WST with 200gr round nose. The load doesn't cut paper well, but dead accurate. The bullets I have in stock are 125s, 147gr in 9mm. Others I have are 148 wadcutters, 158 round nose, and 200s. I prefer to stick with WST as the powder since I use it in 9mm auto, 38 special, 38 super, and 45acp. I realize my normal 9mm loads may be fine, but even less recoil may get my kids more interested.


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I'd start out at ~3.2g and work up from that. I know that sounds low, but one of our guys get that load to run his semi-auto, and it's accurate out to about 50 yards, believe it or not! I was shocked it would even run the gun, but it is definitely a "Mouse-fart" load.


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Yep, that load is awesome on steel and won a lot of PPC matches. FYI- loads very quickly in my full moon clipped 686!

That is quite interesting. WST is not a very dense powder, is that a compressed load? and what velocities are you seeing? It seems like a hot load in my mind.

Winchester does not offer load data for 9mm, and I heard it is due to case volume / pressure spiking. I personally really like WST and use in my 45acp loads, but haven't used in any of my 9mm loads (yet).

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I went the direction with heavy 38 special loads back 18-20 years ago after seeing many local guys have trouble knocking down plates. Most of the local shoots do not calibrate their steel, so really light target loads may not take it down. The 686 load is actually pretty soft and not compressed. I can not remember what the velocity was off hand.

Magnus bullets has them and they are great to deal with.


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