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Stock II. What other add ons?


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So I found a Stock II 9mm for a decent price that has extras listed below. In conversation and reading other posts I noticed a lot of people put EG Extreme Hammer and a one piece sear in on top of what is listed below. What will the addition of these two parts do for the gun? Plus what else should I invest in?


Extras: Eric Extreme Grips

Eric Extreme Firing Pin

Eric Extreme Hammer Spring ( Light )

Eric Extreme Firing Pin Spring

Eric Extreme Heavy Guide Rod

Hard Chromed Slide Stop

Hard Chromed Safety's

Hard Chromed Trigger

Polished Internals

Dawson Front Sight .100

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I personally like the EG 2.5mm front sight better than the Dawson. Also I ran the EG extreme firing pin and would sometimes get light strikes and ever since switching to the Henning XL firing pin I've had 100% ignition. The EG "Light" hammer and FP spring combo work very well for me at least and I put a CGW reduced power trigger return spring and CZ sear spring in mine and they made my trigger just "feel better" but I can't say I noticed a considerable or measureable change in trigger weight. Also Henning makes some reduced power plunger springs. Only thing is when trying to reduce trigger weight so much you run risk of light strikes and for me now the chasing a quarter pound here or there is not worth reliability. Just my two cents

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My advice would be run it as is. If you find anything you particularly don't like about the trigger then perhaps consider working on the action and perhaps getting the xtreme hammer and the 1piece sear. it sounds like it's got most of the go fast bits in it already. The delta hammer in the stock II is actually quite decent.

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