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I've seen matches where buckshot is req'd and I've seen the above were it's capped at 7 1/2. 7.5's have plenty of energy to knock steel over or flip a spinner, as long as enough of the payload hits the target. We had one particularly nasty shot spinner on a stage that was put far enough away that anyone using a choke more open than a mod may as well have been using a wet noodle. Nearly everyone burned down all the little knock overs with ease and quickly, then threw 10+ rounds of shot at the spinner, and the spinner just laughed. I put in my full choke and was the slowest shooter at the knock overs and I got a few chuckles as I missed a few and had to take second shots. I then 2 shot spun the spinner...

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I found this on the 3 gun nation web site. This is LAW or will southern Utah shooting club have diferant requirements?

Tracer, incendiary, armor piercing, steel jacketed or steel/tungsten core and steel shot ammunition are specifically not allowed and are prohibited. (Rule 4.1.1, 4.4)
4.1.1 A competitor found in violation of Rule 4.1 shall be assessed a $100 fee for each steel target damaged. Fines will be made payable the day of the offense. (Rule 3.9)
4.2 Pistol ammunition shall be 9mm or larger.

See section "7.0 FIREARM DIVISIONAL REQUIREMENTS" for specifics.
4.3 Rifle ammunition shall be .223 Remington (5.56 x 45 mm NATO) or larger. Pistol and rifle cartridges must fire a single projectile only. (Rule 2.9)
4.4 Shotgun ammunition shall be 20 gauge or larger. Birdshot shall be #6 Lead Shot or smaller. Rifled Slugs or 00 Buckshot (8 or 9 pellet only) may also be required. Use of steel shot is forbidden and is considered a Safety Violation and will result in a match DQ. (Rule 2.10, 4.1)

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7.5-8 bird 1 1/8 oz will work for most KD steel. May need to go to a tighter choke on occasion, but that is typically all u will need. Not to say it is I bad idea to take some high brass #6 for those few special steel that appear to be more stubborn. Ask the guys/gals in your squad what choke/load they plan on using on a stage while u are doing the walk thru.

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