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Truncated Cone / Conical nose?


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Is the main difference that the TC bullet has a flat tip? Do these two style bullets generally feed batter than a typical round nose? Just loaded some 9mm cone 125gr but have not shot/tested to see how they compare to the high shoulder round nose HiTek coated bullets I usually load. My goal is to narrow down my bullets since the cone style has a lower shoulder that I can still load long for 2011 feeding but still will clear the rifling in my Glock so I can have one OAL that works in both. The round nose grooveless/coated from SNS is a great bullet but the higher shoulder means different OALs for different guns. Hoping the conical works well in the 2011. Only been at this for a little over a year so please excuse if I did not explain well. Been lead to believe that the higher shoulder could aid in accuracy given the greater bearing surface. Am I thinking correctly or waisting time?

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Every different bullet shape has the potenial to feed differently and have a different "best" COL for differnt guns. The critical issue is what part of the bullte makes contact with what part of the chamber and when. In very general terms, shorter COLs with "flatter" bullets get pushed int the chamber a larger angles and will be more likely to jam. More pointed round nose bulltes will go into the chamber as a smaller angle and will be less likely to jam.

The good news, gun, ammo, and bullet deisgners know this so most bullets when loaded to "standard" lenghts work in most guns. When handloaders move out of "normal" things go weird.

Bottom line, get some to test and try it out.

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i have had the most reliable feeding with round nose bullets. using tc bullets in different guns, glock and cz, i could not find a common OAL that worked well in both.

Yeah, not even bringing my CZ into this. Will always have to load separately for it. Edited by JLeeCZ
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