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Ben Stoeger

VLOG.. the show about the show

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I watch your show and find it entertaining. Any chance you could discuss which makes of guns you shot that you would entertain using if you wasn't using a Tanfolgio? And what mods you've done to your own guns.

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Avid listener of the PPS. I know you had some A/B guys on there, but I think it'd be cool for you, Nick, and Tim to talk about what really started to crystalize the dryfire into live fire. I have your Dryfire book and I've been running it for the better part of the year. I've made gains but nowhere near the improvement I've seen in my dryfire. Can you discuss what strategies or steps you guys took to really confirm the dryfire practice and pick up those gains in live fire? I know when I miss in dry fire, but when the holes are showing up down range, i can't drive the gun from target to target at all like I do in dryfire.

Further, I can't get to outdoor ranges to do live fire practice. As good as I can get is some indoor ranges that allow from the holster draws in a stall on a square range. So any tips for square range practice for practical pistol would be much appreciated.

Keep up the good work.

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