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115 Berrys HP and Unique?


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I wanted to work up a load using 115gr Berrys HP and Unique.

Alliance website says max of 6.3gr with Speer gdhp.

I dropped back to 5.7gr and loaded a case.....it looks like I'll be close to or compressing this load.

Anybody have any feedback on this?



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Take the following for what it's worth, and that's not a whole lot. I have read elsewhere that because Unique is so "fluffy", what you are seeing as a compressed load really doesn't qualify as such. On the other hand, I've yet to figure out why the Speer GDHP load data is so much different than other hollow points of similar weight, so I avoid that data when working up a load, and look elsewhere for starting loads. With Berry bullets, you don't get a whole lot of load data to go on. There are some other people's posts on this forum that you probably need to find, as I have gotten some pretty good ideas from them. Personally, I would probably back off more than what you have, just to be safe, and pay attention of the C.O.L., and go a little long rather than any short.


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