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Sig P226 fiber front sight


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I got my first Sig a little while ago, P226 slide. Now it has all-black sights and I need a fiber front sight. Current dimensions are: width .130, height .180.

It will be used in IPSC production div and I want a slightly narrower sight, i.e. .100

Are the Sig Sauer fiber front any good or should I look elsewhere?

Talked to one seller that only had Hi-viz and those would require modification to the slide so that was a no-go.



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The Sig front sights here in the US are the TFO. Tritium, Fiber Optic from Tru Glo http://www.truglo.com/firearms-handgun/brite-site-tritium-fiber-optic-handgun-sights-green-yellow.asp

I like them a lot.

Not sure these are available in Sweden but they work fine for me. I am also not sure Dawson can export. I know one thing, I would not alter the dove tail cut. I would have a gunsmith cut a fiber optic rod into the black sight before I did that. I believe some Springfield pistols use the same cut as the Sigs so that is an option also.

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The TFO seems really nice... But as I only want to replace the front sight at this time I can't go with that as the TFO is far to high in relation to my current rear sight. Will probably go for Dawson.



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What height is your front sight?

Well.. I measured it to .183 (4.65mm), so I think its .180 (will measure again). The specs said "Capsicum custom low profile rear sights" and does not mention the front sight so I hoped it was a Sig standard but according to what I found on google #6 is 5.88mm and #8 is 5.60mm.

The rear sight extends behind the slide, not pretty but it increases the sight radius so I want to keep that for now.

Im also a bit sceptical towards e.g. Hi-wiz front sight that is very long which reduces the sight radius.

Dawson seems like the best choice.

I will check with the company that I got the gun from, they should be back from Shot Show now..


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From what I am seeing it looks to be a custom set front and rear.

#4 = 5.24mm (0.21 inches)
#5 = 5.52mm (0.22 inches)
#6 = 5.80mm (0.23 inches)
#7 = 6.07mm (0.24 inches)
#8 = 6.35mm (0.25 inches)
#9 = 6.62mm (0.26 inches)
#10 = 6.90mm (0.27 inches)

Front Sight Heights:

#5 = 6.01mm (0.235 inches)
#6 = 5.88mm (0.230 inches)
#7 = 5.74mm (0.225 inches)
#8 = 5.60mm (0.220 inches)
#9 = 5.46mm (0.215 inches)
#10 = 5.32mm (0.210 inches)

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Installed the Warren tactical set yesterday worked out very well and highly recommend.

Good point, I have those on my Glock and really like them. Didn't even cross my mind.. thanks.

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