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2011 custom build from scratch: what parts to get?

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(Disclaimer: I searched for threads where this was already asked & answered. Apologies if I didn't look hard enough).

I’m a Norwegian IPSC-shooter looking into getting a Race gun for Open div (I already shoot Production).

Experienced race gun owners I’ve talked to here at home all say that getting a custom build is the better way to go. Even expensive ”production” race guns like the STI Trubor or GM will need some type of work before full satisfaction is achieved.

So I'm trying to make an eduated decision as to what parts to get from where, and have the gun built here by a reputable pistol smith.

I’ve decided on a full-size 2011 platform, shooting 9mm major. Reliability and functionality takes precedence over everything else, so no fancy carvings or other bells & whistle type cosmetics here (although the build will certainly get expensive, no matter what).

I’ve come to understand that an STI frame is common for most builds, with a wide selection of slides and other parts.

For instance, there are different ways to go with what type of feed ramp, wide or narrow slide (at least STI offers that), barrel bushings or full-length guide rods, what type of optic and how it’s mounted, etc etc.

Looking at custom pistol smiths’ web sites I get a feel for what most people prefer in their guns, but it would be much appreciated to get some tips from those of you who have a well-running, tack-drivin’, top-fuelled 2011 Race gun. :)

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Check out ckarms.com or talk to bobby keigan of freedom gunworks. For parts it's best to ask the gunsmith that will build your pistol as there are some parts that may not work for them while building your custom guns. For 9 major for sure you will need an Aftec extractor to run reliably and also get an SVI old style magazine.

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For 9 major, you need to run a lightened slide and titanium comp for the best reliability. I went with a Cheely titanium comp for the durability. After extractor for sure. There is a company coming out with new magazines that are just like mags SV makes, only they fit/function in the STI with no mods. The company is called MBX.

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I have built a few 9mm majors on STI parts with a lightened slide and trubor T1 barrel with a normal extractor and it functions 100%. even without the slide lightening.

important for an 9mm is how you prep the extractor and make sure there is no clocking. I use EGW oversized FP stopplates so I can adjust it to the disconnectors specs. I also tune the ejector...

I shoot minor with a 8lbs and major with 10lbs recoilsprings.

I use stock STI mags with the spacer, my loads are 29.4 to 30.0mm long and feed reliable

gr Tom (Belgium)

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I`m german IPSC-shooter and very happy with 2 guns(Open) of Hans Peter Schäfer.They are reliable and very accurate!Visit his homepage:www.hps-guns.de

In my experiance I would give him a call.There is only SVI-guns ahead of his guns!

Best regards

Dr.Heinz Gallenbach

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Hi Percy.

I am also a Norwegian shooter. I got mine build from scratch of a competent and well known smith in Haugesund. I did get most of the parts from US and here in Norway. I will put all the list that are in my 9mm major open gun.

Grip/Frame. Bought it from Pvas.no

SVI Slide, Hybrid barrel and Titanium comp. Bough it from capsicum.no

Parts bought from speedshooter.com

Aftec extractor

Cheely custom setback cmore mount

Dawson Ice magwell

Complete tri-glide trigger group (except for sear)

Extreme ultra mass sear

EGW oversize firing pin

EGW tungsten guide rod

EGW reverse plug

EGW Long Ejector

EGW hammer strut

Ed Brown Slide stop

Ed Brown firing pin stop

Ed Brown Grip safety

Ismi recoil spring 9lbs

Koenig low mass hammer

Predator tactical slide racker

STI Pin set

Swenson ambi safety

No fancies but only the best parts. I already put 3-4k rounds through it and I didn't had a single failure after i got it.

I had to ordered parts from speedshooters several times, since they have a limit on total amount that you can buy and ship international. Which is clearly state on their website. Picture below!


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