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Post your temperatures. Let's see how the BEnos universe is doing

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Don't know what it was last night temperature wise, but had a solid hour of thunder and lighting at 4,000' Elev. and a pretty good squall line come through. Of course this had to be while out camping with a bunch of Cub Scouts and Parents. On the other hand, I didn't even zip up the sleeping bag all night, so it was warm.

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Yesterday's USPSA match in north Phoenix wasn't all that hot and there was some breeze, but the heat affected me more than a match in June when it was 115. I spent more time standing in the sun this time. Those guys with carts equipped with umbrellas are on to something. Have to get such a setup for myself.

Despite feeling sun-baked I was able to get the best single stack score on the "I Hate This Drill" stage. The classifier stage was "It's Not Brain Surgery". I did well enough on it that it will help me make it up to the next class if I'm able to post a couple more good classifiers in the next few months.

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