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My Indoor Range


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I recently did a little cleaning up in the basement, and had a chance to formalize the area where I do some airsoft. Using garage door screens, I lined an area 8' x 25'. I set up some box targets and three rows of TacTrainer's metal targets, scaled for steel challenge and IPSC stuff. (I just use one row at a time, and set the others along the side of the range.) Unfortunately, I don't have any place for the chairs, so I have to live with them down the sides. The metal posts seem to be a problem, but you get so you don't notice them, and they are almost perfectly positioned at 15 feet for barricade shooting!



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Great Idea on the garage door screens. Have to check when they go on sale or with the inside club and pick up a couple sets. I have been just shooting open on the second floor of the shop. With the attending plastic BB's going all over the place when the box doesn't catch them.

I was thinking of PVC water pipe frame and traps a stop curtains. Short ones on the top and about 2 foot up from the floor, and along the sides. I will be keeping this in mind.

Thanks for posting.

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hahah that is a pretty awesome setup!

I used to love airsoft guns when I was younger,

My youngest brother got a 1911 Colt commemorative airsoft gun and it takes CO2 cartridges, that thing practically kicks more than a .22! I was stunned, so much more realistic than boring old dryfire,

Now that it's winter I am really considering hopping on the airsoft bandwagon for practice,

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