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You are digging pretty deep with that combo.

The best I can do is 180 bayou TC, 4.0 gr. 700x, Fed primer @ 1.130 is 950fps.

This was from a TS. 700X meters poorly for me from a LNL and I had a lot a variation over the chrono.

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No, but I have only loaded enough to do chrono and accuracy work to see how I like it. About 100 rounds of 700x total and 50-70 of that specific load. The cases looked fine and the primers weren't completely flattened.

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Not a CZ, but for my SV I load 3.7 grains of 700x behind a 200 grain bullet to make 170 power factor. OAL is 1.185", so you might want to reduce the load a bit if you have to load shorter. With 155 grain bullets loaded to 1.125" I make 155 power factor with the same load.

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