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550 Casefeeder inadverently sent with prototype feed plunger

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The Fedex truck showed up at the house a few minutes ago. Surprise, it was from Dillon. I didn't order anything recently and the wife said she certainly didn't place an order.

It turns out the 550 casefeeder I bought back in September was inadvertently shipped with a prototype case feed plunger housing as part of the lower feeder assembly. Dillon sent me the production lower feeder assembly with a prepaid return label for the prototype. They also sent a 2015 Dillon calendar to which my wife immediately feigned disgust.

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Yes I have been using it and it has worked ok. I still have issues with the case bouncing back from the shell plate every 4 or 5 cases but that appears to be normal if the the feeder is not fine tuned. It is probably just me not getting the right adjustment.

I can't see any obvious differences other than a cap head screw on the lower rh side of the prototype, but I have not removed it from the press yet.

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She said as long as I hang it in the garage she's good.

I removed the prototype and the only difference I can see is the mounting tabs on the lower feeder assembly where the countersunk mounting screws go. The mounting tabs are angled down a couple of degrees. Also the prototype housing is two piece instead of one piece.

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