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Hi all, just moved cross country to the Phoenix area and looking to get info on the local matches here. I mostly shoot USPSA, steel challenge, and knockdown/Pro Am type steel matches. Will probably also get into 3 Gun soon; haven't tried it before since there wasn't much of that back in NJ.

Would also appreciate links to the match's sites where they have info and registration. Back in NJ each different discipline had its own web site and registration and results were sometimes on other sites so you'd have to go to half a dozen different sites for all the matches at just one range. From what I've found so far there seems to be some of that with the ranges out in the Phoenix area as well.


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Rio salado will take care of all your needs and by far my favorite range but give the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club a try. They have all the shooting disciplines and great weekly matches. First Saturday of each month they have a Uspsa match. When everyone finishes the pistol portion the stages are reset for carbine and reshot. The 200 yard range is set up for the carbine portion also.

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Thanks all for the replies! Now I've got lots more questions :) I'm mostly interested in learning about all the weekend matches since I don't think I'd have time for a match after work unless some start pretty late.

It looks like Rio Salado has the most matches, looking at the riopractical site it looks like there's "practical" matches on the 2nd Sunday, 3rd Saturday, 3rd Sunday, and 4th Saturday. Are these all USPSA? What's the difference between these matches? Looks like they each have different MDs; are some of the matches run better than others?

They also have a ".22 pistol match" on the 4th Sunday. What format is this, steel challenge? I do like shooting steel challenge with a .22. Does that cover all the weekend matches at Rio Salado or are there any I missed? No other steel challenge or knockdown steel besides maybe this .22 match? It looks like the calendar on the riosaladosportsmans.com site doesn't have some of these matches on there?

For Phoenix Rod and Gun it looks like only 1 USPSA monthly weekend match on the 1st Saturday? And what's the "Practical Unaffiliated" match on the 3rd Sunday. No steel matches on the weekend?

For Ben Avery all I could find is the Cactus League site, is that where all the practical matches are done through? Looks like they have USPSA on the 1st Sunday and steel challenge on the 3rd Sunday? What's the "Practical Saturday"?

How do the Phoenix Rod and Gun and Ben Avery matches compare to Rio Salado?

Also it seems like most or all of these matches here are run differently than I'm used to back in NJ. Looks like there's not one set start time and you can just show up even after the match starts? I'm used to everyone showing up before the match start time and then at 9:00 (or whenever) they call squads and everyone starts at the same time. Looks like many of these matches don't have fixed squads for the matches? Sort of like how GSSF matches are done?

And which of all the above matches require pre-registration? Or anything else like this that I should know before I show up? Looks like there aren't any matches this weekend :(

Are any of these ranges worth become a member of? Or does everyone just go and practice in the desert somewhere...which is a foreign concept to me coming from NJ. Not really sure how that works with knowing where you're allowed to shoot?

Sorry for so many questions!

Where in town are you located?

North Scottsdale. It looks like I'm right in the middle of these 3 ranges so they're all about 30-40 min away...

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At the Phoenix Rod and Gun club the only weekend USPSA is on the first Saturday of each month. There are four stages with a classifier. There is another USPSA match on the fourth Tuesday. You can preregistration for these matches but sounds like it is too early for your schedule. You can try the steel Match every Thursday you can jump in and self start anytime between 4:15-7:00 pm. Same with Tuesday night steel matches at Rio.

I would definetly join Rio Salado. I only get down to Arizona for a few weeks a year so I have not joined any gun clubs there. I think if you are a member at Rio they allow you to set up and practice if you meet the qualifications. Someone here will probably chime in with the facts on that.

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First of all, welcome to Phoenix. If you want to shoot, this is certainly the place to be. I'm pretty sure if you had the time and were willing to drive a bit, you could shoot at least 5 matches a week.

I shoot Tuesday Night Steel at Rio, and it is a gas. Most nights there are between 150 and 200 competetors of all levels. There is no squading at this match. You show up to the stage, hand in your card, and help with brassing and resetting targets while waiting for your name to be called.

I also shoot Thursday Night Steel matches at Phoenix Rod and Gun. It's a smaller venue, and a lot of people kind of self-squad because they're friends. But usually it's a similar situation as Rio. If the volume is light and you show up to a stage as a single, most groups will run you even if they have finished.

I have not shot any USPSA matches at Rio yet, but plan to start very soon. As far as having a membership at places, I do at Rio. You save a couple bucks on match fees, and if you shoot enough it probably pays for itself. The other advantage is at Rio you have to sign a liability waiver each time you shoot if you're a guest. Members don't. I think it's a PITA to do that each time. :-) Plus, I live in that area, and hopefully I may take advantage of more member-based opportunities.

You asked about membership at other ranges. Scottdale Gun Club is probably very close to you if you are looking to practice. I know there are some people that do desert shooting, but I believe areas for that are becoming fewer and fewer. Plus, it's nice to be indoors in the summer.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks! So with the Rio Tuesday night steel I can show up as late as 7:00 to start shooting? I might be able to make it there by then depending when I get out of work. I've heard those are fun matches.

Scottsdale Gun Club is pretty close to me, but I haven't checked it out yet. I much prefer shooting outdoors, although I've yet to experience a Phoenix summer so I might re-consider that come June/July :)

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