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3 Gun: ELS Brackets for CR Speed Style Belts

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Like many people I've developed a relationship with my standard CR Speed type IPSC belt. Sure there are other styles out there, but I'm not to into them. This became a problem when I started shooting 3 Gun, which if you haven't - what the crap are you waiting for? To enjoy 3 Gun it's important to be able to setup your gear exactly how you need it for each stage, and take most of it off when not shooting. But this requires something other than a typical IPSC setup. Many turn to the ELS system, and loathe the belt that comes along with it.

So with this I set out to get everything great about ELS, and make it work with the belt we know and love. I wanted the parts to be high quality with exceptional fit, finish, and attention to detail. Having used this setup for this past 3 Gun season I can tell you that it is SO AWESOME!

- 6061-T6 aluminum

- bead blasted finish

- pocketed for lower weight

- does not include the plastic ELS clip

- $39 each or $30 each with 4 or more.

You can order here: http://www.binaryeng.com/products/els-compatible-belt-clip






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Should work with a shooters connection belt, I believe it is CR speed like in size. You need some t-nuts or thin jam nuts to make the connection. Requires some messing around, but lots of people have made it work, some pouches like the safari land are a bit easier. I don't do anything but the ELS, no plans for QLS. I run my holster on an ELS clip, It is rock solid.

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I've been out of stock on these for about a month now, but I'm planning to make more in the next month or so - sorry for those looking for these at the moment.

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