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Intro to Binary Engineering

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Hi, I'm Jared Drinkwater, a mechanical engineer with too many hobbies. Binary Engineering is the business entity of my "free-time". It's evolved out of the constant desire to have exceptional solutions for what my wife calls all my stupid activities that I shouldn't spend our money on. Early in our marriage she let me buy my "dream car", which I promised I would leave stock and not ruin by doing dumb stuff to it. Well, I tried. So to limit the lectures I started building all the modifications myself instead of buying them. Things started pretty grim, like $10 hack saw, cordless drill, and a file - not even a dremel. As time went by I became more ambitious in my projects, the tools slowly improved, and I found I didn't want to buy somebody's products when I could design and build my own. Binary Engineering was born when I built myself a set of brackets to lower the stock Recaro seats in my EVO 8 and found that it transformed the way it felt to drive the car. Not only did I think it was the greatest thing ever, but so did lots of other people. Thousands of sets later they are still popular, and my wife has stopped complaining about my stupid hobbies.

After years of wanting to get started in competitive shooting I took the plunge by buying a bone stock Para 9mm P18.9 which I then built into an open gun myself as a way to learn, and get into USPSA. That gun was built with a drill and a file, and the help of a local smith to install a comp and tell me I did some stuff wrong. And it also started the chain of events that places me as a vendor here! As soon as I started shooting I saw areas where I wanted things that I couldn't get. I had ideas for lots of things I wanted to try, but by that time my expectations were much higher than my drill and file could provide. So I bought a manual milling machine, took it apart to measure everything and then designed a CNC conversion for it. It took nearly two years to complete the CNC conversion, but when I was done the 1st project was going back and cleaning up the file work on the Para. Then I started on the projects I'd had in my head for the past 3 years.

- Building another open, but doing all the work on a CNC.

- Lightening a slide with organic looking 3D surfacing on a CNC.

- Using computational fluid dynamics software to design a compensator that has correct port design.

- Machining a compensator out of titanium that was lighter than anything available.

- Designing and building a red dot sight that solved all the issues of a 20 year old Cmore design.

I've shared my progress on these projects in various areas on the forum over the past year or so. Now I'm ready to start sharing the hardware with others.

A few photos to go along with the story.

"maybe just an air filter"






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Hi Jared-

I have 2 CNC mills in my shop, though not as good as your new one! I have been a tool & die maker since 1975. As someone who's been around the block a few times I would like to say that your work is as good as any. I have also been shooting competitively since 1979. I think your red dot sight is REALLY good. It's the first new concept in red dots in a lot of years. I think it has great potential. I enjoy seeing all your posts. Thank you for the compensator write up with the computer modeling.

Best Wishes for a prosperous future! Warren

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glad to see you up and trading. :)

I've enjoyed seeing some of your work in various threads. the scope project is a great idea.

currently in my mind there is still nothing better than the cmore slide ride. all them have compromises (including the cmore) but it's the best mix of compromises.

it's still very flawed. the method of adjusting zero is almost comical and I find it amazing that they actually don't zero drift more than they do! putting even slight pressure on different parts of the plastic body can make the dot move!

if you could make a sight that was smaller and lighter, but with the same size glass as a cmore slide ride, the same ability to easily replace and change dot modules, that had proper click adjustment (and windage adjustment that did not also affect elevation), and more robust construction. you would be onto a winner. :)

anyway, I know you know that stuff already.

I love your comp design and you slides look awesome too. :)

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Just placed an order for his CFD Titanium compensator. Can't wait to test the CFD comp!!....Crossing my fingers. According to Jared in an email, "It's based on a 1.0" OD, but relieved on the bottom, and matched to slide width. Length is about 2.40" and will need to be fit to the slide."

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Yeah it's a 1" OD, I cut the flats on the side to be the same as an STI slide width, so you don't need to fit that. But, I'm running more over the holiday break, if you wanted the flats wider so the smith can blend I can do that no problem.

I'll start a thread specific to the comp next week, I just want to have more of them on hand before I get everyone all excited!

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I picked up one of Jared's comp a few weeks ago and have ran it now in several matches. The gun is a full size 38sc with 3ea 3/16" holes in the barrel, and I replaced a Dawson TJ comp with his. I can say the comp runs extremely well, even with having to ream comp to .378 which I know Jared Recommends .369 my smith didn't have that size. The comp runs extremely well and the weight reduction in the front of the gun is beyond amazing makes it feel and run like a completely different gun. There was def a difference in dot tracking. I can't say enough about jared I bugged the heck out of him and he was beyond polite and quick to respond. If you are looking for a new comp, i would look no further I would say even with no poppel holes this comp would be more than enough

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