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Contracting with the range for your match


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OK Guys and Gals,

Now for the part we all hate most...the legaleeze portion of the match. Does anybody have any copies of their contracts for matches that they produced, or have any helpful hints and/or ideas for creating a document to address this??? It has to include the obvious:

1) Dates of event

2) Amount of money to be paid to the host club...Compensation

3) Responsibilities of the the home club and the match director.

4) Insurance issues

5) Who is responsible for the ranges condition before/after the match

6) How concessions are to be handled

7) Parking and Vendor areas and bathroom facilities

8) Clean-up and restoration

9) Closing of ranges for set-up

This is just a starter list. What would you add to avoid a potentially bad situation due to miscommunication???


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Get a 2million/1million Insurance

Form a Limited Liability corp to protect the club officers.

All shooters sign a liability waiver, and get it notarized

Had out written safety rules to all shooters, every year.

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One advantage we have here in Michigan, that Jeff hasn't pointed out, is that by State law, being on the property means you accept the normal risks of the activity being conducted. (shooting ranges.) No need for signed waivers, your presence there is, as clearly stated by State law, the same thing.

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All shooters sign a liability waiver, and get it notarized

is this normal? i've signed a few liability waivers (mostly at gssf matches...i dont think i've ever signed one for a uspsa match), but i've never had to have it notarized.

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In a lot of jurisdictions, waivers of liability are worthless, as the waiver of negligence as a cause of action is deemed to be against public policy. And, even if they are valid, there is nothing stopping from someone crossing off objectionable items and then signing it.

I've seen 2 match waivers that I really had problems with (I didn't attend the matches). The 2004 USPSA 3-Gun Nationals had a waiver that said in part that USPSA would not be held responsible if you "disappeared" or something like that.

And in the waiver for David Lauck's IRTC match, it says that (I'm paraphrasing here) they have the right to leave you lying there if you get injured rather than calling for medical assitance (paragraph 7), not to mention the general waiver of negligence on the part of the IRTC, Lauck, et al if they cause you to get injured or killed. Do you really want to participate in a match that cares so little for you as not only a paying customer, but a person?

Things I hate in waviers:

1) payment of attorney fees

2) waiver of negligence

If you come across a waiver, cross out the objectional parts, and initial the changes.


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