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I think he is being a little too condescending in his tone. He's the Big dog in IDPA, he should be used to rants and raves by his members. He set up the rules, obviously without much input from his membership, and has to live with the problems. A better response would have been, " i understand your concerns, we're working to get it fixed."

They just had the IDPA Championships a few months back, I've heard no one who went there say they were asked for any feedback concerning rule changes.

Was anyone approached??? We put on a large match here in New Mexico this past year, nothing said there. Our Area Coordinators have never called our club asking for input.......

So, Bill, 'What Gives'???

RM :huh:

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Thank you, I agree with you 100%. His tone is entirely too condescending. I don't need to have things explained to me in the tone he chooses, especially if he is the one with a little explaining to do. Secondly, he needs to acknowledge that the current set of rules don't even conform to his own original rules (implementation time). Thirdly, step up to the plate and acknowledge that you knowingly changed rules that would cause your members to incur needless expense to simply stay compliant without concern for the outcome. Last but not least, apologize for naming two very high profile companies (Uncle Mike's and Robar) as producers of illegal services. (this is unheard of in competition rulemaking)

Sorry for the short rant but these things are the items I think BW should have addressed in a more humble tone.


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Totally agreed. BW does own it. However as an owner of a business he should be a little more receptive when there are complaints of his product and service.

For instance, I know another business owner ;) that I purchased a product from that had a slight problem in its final function. HE could have chosen to simply say "I can do whatever I want, I own it". However HE actually informed his customers of the flaw and offered a replacement with no questions asked. Excellent service. Thanks.


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It's good to remember that USPSA is a Democracy and IDPA is a Dictatorship.

Nothing against either organization but honestly...that's what they are. With that said...Good for you Bill Wilson. It's about time he stood up for himself. ;)

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Thanks to the efforts of Bill, Joyce, and the countless others behind the scenes that have patiently listened to our comments, complaints, and consternations; I truly believe that the irregularities and imbalances of the SSR and ESR

division(s) have been fixed to a satisfactory and very usable degree.

True to my word, I will continue my “crusade” to raise the SSR and ESR divisions to record setting levels!

Understandably, there will still be some mulling over of the fine points concerning equipment, etc. but all things considered we have a workable rulebook concerning these two divisions. TONS better than original and much better than the first draft of revisions.

Thanks Bill and Joyce, etc. for your efforts .

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