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S&W Letter Just Arrived!


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Not sure if anyone got this letter yet....

I just received a letter from Peter Goloski [MD] that states

"Because of the late notice of these changes* the 2005 S&W Winter Championships will be contested under the old rules [Green Book - Effective 5-2-01]. ..."

<*changes to rules described as being recently released in prior paragraph>

I'd like to say that it is great to see the S&W Winter Championship Match Committee to do the right thing. If you are already signed up, you will see this letter in the mail soon.

That is absolutely fantastic.

Thank you to S&W!

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S&W obviously had some influence on IDPA and Bill Wilson. Bills response on the IDPA homepage indicates matches held up to mid April will use the old rule book and afterwards the new. More revisions are expected then a final written version.

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Here's some 05WC SSR data:

Speedloader shooters finished 2nd (19-2),5th (686-3),6th (GP100 - yes, a Ruger) ,7th (3" 66-5) & 8th (19-5) overall in SSR in the WCs last week - 5 out of the top 8. What a way to send ESR off!

Some guy named Miculek took the division. I think he was using a 625.

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