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Looking for Tony Holmes

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He is listed on be.com as TonyH.

Atlanta Conservation Club hosts monthly 3-gun matches (along with USPSA, IDPA, Steel and Pin matches monthly). If the weather is decent and range conditions permit, there may even be a match on Sunday, January 23. Send a message to forum members rhino or skeeter for more info.

Welcome to Indiana!

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Another transplanted hoosier,,, Do we need to remind everyone how much it sux to live here???

Ok, the short list,,,

Farms everywhere; Is there no end to the delicious fresh produce? Who wants that crap???

Decent roads without major traffic issues; How can you enjoy your day without sitting in traffic twice a day for hours listening to your CD's, again

Relativly cheap cost of living; A realistic 15 year morgage isn't important, heck if you live long enough to pay off a 400K house you could sell and have a fat retirement

Sports; Two big ten power houses, THE best indepentant program in the nation and two pro teams poised for the history books. Bountiful quantities of whitetail and small game, plus never too far from a farm pond. Really nothing to do outside at all.

Competitive shooting; An ipsc match to shoot every Sunday within 1-3 hours of Indianapolis, some wild 'B' classed competition at each local match and several opportunities for 3 gunning skill building. BUT, nothing during the week!!! Who needs time to reload???

Just a few reasons to avoid this area at all cost!!!


Seriously, Welcome to Indiana.

If you've moved close to the Indianapolis area you can wander to the West side for some in person 3gun information. The owner of Plainfield Shooting Supplies is the husband of Deb Cheek. She is a team mate of Tony's.

Come to a local match and let us know who you are!!!

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3quartertime, Thank you!! Where did you move from? We lived in Sacramento and it sounds much like the area you were describing. I am living in Batesville which is about an hour SE from Inday. Can you give me directions to the club and are you shooting this month or next?

Many Thanks,

David Adams


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urnsrus ...

You can go to the profile for TonyH and send e-mail or a personal message from here.

You can find directions to the Atlanta Conservation Club at our web site:


We shoot our 3-Gun on the fourth Sunday of the month. That's a week from today (23JAN05). USPSA pistol is 2nd Sunday.

Unfortunately the USPSA pistol match at Terre Haute (WVPPS/Riley Conservation Club) was cancelled today because we thought the weather was going to be bad. Hopefully we'll be back in business next month (third Sunday).


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