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3-Gun "Open" sets...the Wakal Collection


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Just dropped the new trigger group in today...Liota's rifle was built in-house from DPMS parts (upper, lower, chromed bolt carrier group), McCormick trigger assembly, ACE stock, vintage M16 grip, free-float handguard, extensively reprofiled stainless barrel, and of course a F2 compensator :)

The shotgun was also built in-house, and is mostly complete. Saiga 20 with factory 10-round magazines, pistol grip and M4 stock conversion, new trigger group, new safety, and the silly scope mount. It still needs to be set up for choke tubes, have a Doctor sight mounted, and a magazine well...but it is shootable :)

And of course, Liota's Triangle Shooting Sports Open gun in 9 by 23.


My own 3-Gun set...the infamous USAS-12 with custom scope rail and EOtech, another in-house rifle (DPMS, FN, Wilson, ACE, JP/JP/JP, and since this picture I have switched to a 1.5-5 Leupold instead of the 3.5-10 shown), and an Open STI in 9 by 23. Not as cool as Liota's stuff, but servicable :)



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The SOCOM Ace is telescoping. I like it a lot more than the M4 style folding stocks...it feels much more solid. It makes it a lot easier to lend my rifle to folks, since they don't have to put up with the superlong stock that my 6'3" frame prefers :)

And yes, you can do the same thing to a Saiga-12...but you have to make your own ten-round magazines instead of just hunting down the factory mags. Not difficult, just VERY labor intensive. Matter of fact, here is my friend Fred's S-12 with ten-round magazines and a JP-style compensator:



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The USAS runs like a top, but weighs a bit.

The S-20 runs fine, but is a 20 gauge.

The S-12 runs fine as long and shoots GREAT (gotta love a gas op with a good comp), as long as the shooter remembers to clean out the gas port now and then ;)

The USAS is the easiest to reload, but the hardest to find parts for. The Saigas are easy to find bits for, but are a bit slower on the reload. The Texas State Three Gun (coming up in May) will have a Saiga 12 heads up with a USAS, and a pair of S-20's fighting it out in B class :)


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