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Jim and John (Jim's son) Scoutten are one class act. For all the criticism I leveled at ShootingUSA and OLN over the USPSA coverage, both *still* put their best foot forward and gave me publicity that will take a long time for me to ever afford to buy. Boy, do I feel like a blowhard after this.

Jim and John,

Thank you for being bigger men than I. Thank you for the opportunity. And thank you for the simply spectacular coverage of USPSA and *all* the shooting sports lately. While there are several shooting-oriented TV shows now, none have the same touch of class that you've brought to the table.

I have two, new role models today.

Best Regards,


(And yes, I did call and thank them.)

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to add a quick story.....

I shot my first Bianchi Cup when I was only 17, and at the awards banquet I stopped Mr. Scoutten and asked for a picture with him, so I could show my buddies when I got back home. I was in awe of all these famous people around me, with eyes as big as saucers. Not only did he take the picture, but he sat for a half hour with me and my folks and just chatted. No interview, no camera, just talked like a real human being. A true class act.

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I just caught the episode where Eric's Grips were plugged. I thought it was a great episode. I did notice Doug Koenig was entering the shooting box wrong (at least according to what I learned watching Matt Burkett's videos), but I don't think I'll try to correct him!

Then Shooting Gallery has me thinking of a CZ 75 and production division. Good night for TV.

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Baby boy waking me up to eat at 4am after going to bed at 12am.... :rolleyes:

Looking ahead on OLN to see what will be on at 9am and seeing USPSA! :D

Making sure to get up to watch it. Feeding my future shooter while watching a great portrayal of our Sport, guns, gear, and Eric's Tru-grip, Priceless!

P.S. Mr Scoutten, could you please quit dropping the slide on the 1911s please, it made me wince everytime.... ;)

This sucker ought to be made available as a dvd/vhs tape to play at Gun shows, shops, etc.! DougC

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