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RIP Robin Williams


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He, apparently, had a lifetime fight with depression. Whether he was bipolar (manic/depression) or not, I'm not sure but he never publicly admitted it or even admitted to ongoing clinical depression.

But I seem to recall he admitted in an interview a number of years ago that he had been seeing a psychiatrist and that it had been very helpful.

It's worth noting that people with depression are seldom "depressed about something." People can be rich, and successful, with everything to live for and still be so deeply depressed that suicide seems a reasonable solution.

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He was very Anti-Gun.

And there it is! I knew somebody would dig that up. Personally there are so many anti gun entities and people that I don't even care anymore. Not every person in the world is going to be a gun nut like most of us here. It has no bearing on the Nan's ability to entertain us for all these years.

I say RIP regardless of his personal convictions

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There was an interesting article in one of the Doctors waiting room type health mags a few years back.

It speculated that his ability to rapid fire thought streams (reference, some of the old Mork & Mindy & stand up when he was young) was very like Turrets Syndrome turned in a different direction.

Regardless, I hate that he is gone.

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I enjoyed much of his work as well. You'd have to work pretty hard not to.

Much of the time I felt like I was laughing at someone who was...well...sick...and higher than a kite.

He appearances on Carson were good examples of this. Manic.

It looks as though his network in the industry had brushed him aside, discarded him.

Typical of that "place". That he took his own life was in no way a surprise to me.

The manner he choose to take it was. The ultimate flip off IMO.

R.I.P. dude.

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