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New rules and the LDA

kevin c

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I've been so busy trying to figure what new holster to get that I didn't pick up on the weight issue (the 5" LDA's apparently being over the legal limit for SSP, which is what I have been shooting there).

Is this confirmed? That, because of an arbitrary change in the weight restrictions, my gun is now not allowed in the division it was legal in, EXPLICITLY as in identified-by-name-in-the-last-edition-of-the-rules legal in just a week or so ago?

Right now, I have a glock that is legal in SSP (the G35 IS still ok, isn't it?), but no allowable holster to put it in, and a legal holster for a gun that isn't allowable any more.

I actually agree with Duane Thomas that some of the rule changes make sense. And some issues that were unclear are now much better defined. But all that pales in comparison to the confusing and, to me, personally disrupting nature of the equipment rules.

Please tell me that the limits quoted aren't definite...

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