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Reduced Distance Practicing


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After wanting to get some more steel practice in the wintertime (or anytime for that matter), I thought I would figure out some reduced distance targets so I can practice dry firing or airsoft practice.

I have attached the spread sheet I came up with in case anyone is interested.

The first worksheet (1 distance) is if you want to shoot all the targets at the same distance (similar to what the BAM airsoft targets do). I have calculated it down so that you can set all of the targets up on a shelf or counter top and get the same look with the targets scaled to look the right size and the distances left and right make all of the transition angles the same. With this one you would need to make 27 targets to get everything to look right.

The second worksheet (Reduced Distance) is a scaled down version. I did it both 1/4 size and 1/7th size. This way, you can make a set of targets and put them on stands at different distances so you actually have the near to far transitions to make. This way you can make a set of targets (4 rectangles, 5 large circles, and 4 small circles) and set up all the stages. I did 1/4 and 1/7th because that way you can shoot 6 of the stages with one set of targets at 15 ft. The two longer stages have to be scaled down to 1/7th to get them into 15ft. I you can get 26ft you could do all 8 stages with one set of 1/4 size targets.

The 3rd worksheet is the height calculation so that you can actually make the targets look the right height. It is set for a barrel height of 5.5 feet right now (5ft 6in). If you are taller or shorter, just adjust the equations in the J and K, or P and Q columns to your barrel height.

Any questions let me know!

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