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Reduced Distance Practicing


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After wanting to get some more steel practice in the wintertime (or anytime for that matter), I thought I would figure out some reduced distance targets so I can practice dry firing or airsoft practice.

I have attached the spread sheet I came up with in case anyone is interested.

The first worksheet (1 distance) is if you want to shoot all the targets at the same distance (similar to what the BAM airsoft targets do). I have calculated it down so that you can set all of the targets up on a shelf or counter top and get the same look with the targets scaled to look the right size and the distances left and right make all of the transition angles the same. With this one you would need to make 27 targets to get everything to look right.

The second worksheet (Reduced Distance) is a scaled down version. I did it both 1/4 size and 1/7th size. This way, you can make a set of targets and put them on stands at different distances so you actually have the near to far transitions to make. This way you can make a set of targets (4 rectangles, 5 large circles, and 4 small circles) and set up all the stages. I did 1/4 and 1/7th because that way you can shoot 6 of the stages with one set of targets at 15 ft. The two longer stages have to be scaled down to 1/7th to get them into 15ft. I you can get 26ft you could do all 8 stages with one set of 1/4 size targets.

The 3rd worksheet is the height calculation so that you can actually make the targets look the right height. It is set for a barrel height of 5.5 feet right now (5ft 6in). If you are taller or shorter, just adjust the equations in the J and K, or P and Q columns to your barrel height.

Any questions let me know!

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If I am reading your spreadsheet correctly it looks like you are scaling the size of the target as well as the distance. What I am trying to say (perhaps poorly) is that it looks like your intention was to set up smaller targets at relative, but various, reduced ranges. Is that correct?

My idea was a little different. I was trying to come up with scale and spacing that would allow for the all of the reduced targets to be set at a single fixed range (in my case 3 yards). I would vary the target size and spacing according to the distance on the stage layout but all would be on a wall at 3 yards. I believe I have the scaling correct, 12" circle at 18 yards translates to 2" circle at 3 yards, etc., but I don't think I have the spacing calculated correctly and I definitely did not calculate the relative elevation the way you did.

The reason for my approach was pretty simple. My dry fire space has a big blank wall availabe at 3 yards.



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The first worksheet "1 distance" is what you want. I have it reduced to 10' and 8'.

Y - normal distance away

10' conv or 8' conv- the dividing factor to size the plates down based on their normal distance

X - normal distance L or R

X @ 8' or 10' - distance L or R at the reduced distance in feet

Plate Size - normal plate size in inches

10' or 8' Plate Size - size of plates in inches

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For example, on your wall, stand 8' away. To shoot let's say "5 To Go", which normally has four 10" plates at increasing distance, and a 12" stop plate off to the right.

Put all of your targets on the wall at 8'.

A 2.667" circle 2.733' to the left

A 2.222" circle 0.778' to the left

A 1.778" circle .662' to the right

A 1.519" circle 1.519' to the right

A 6.476" circle 4.571' to the right

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If anyone is interested I drew out the shapes for the 8 yard reduced range targets in PowerPoint. It was the easiest way to get the dimensions matched to the callouts in the spreadsheet.

If anyone is interested in these send me a PM with your email and the current version of PowerPoint you are running and I will forward it to you.

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Thanks ToddKS. That's a great idea!

I think I have gotten back to everyone that has posted on here or PM'd me. Anyone else interested in it just let me know. I went ahead and made all of the targets out of 16g steel and set them up in the garage to practice with my airsoft gun. Should be good for practicing the transitions and orders if nothing else.

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I was thinking about doing something similar only in cardboard but I do not think my WE pistol is up to the task of reliably hitting the small 8 ft targets. It also shoots high. I did not want to start any bad visual habits trying to get hits on small targets with my airsoft. It is fine on half scale USPSA targets but I think this would be asking for more accuracy than the pistol has to offer.

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Sent you the chart Maarten, let me know if you have any questions. ToddKS is the one with the PowerPoint, so you can PM him if you would like a copy.

I had all of the targets made out of 16g steel and shoot them in my garage with the airsoft guns. They are plenty accurate, even on the smallest, and furthest targets. Had my mags drilled and tapped so I can hook it up to my air compressor and not have to worry about the gas in an enclosed area. Lightweight tubing and you can do your draws and everything without even noticing it.

About the only way to practice much when you live someplace with 8 months of winter!

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Thanks to Todd for the power point version I have changed it to suit the Austrlalian power point which uses A4 pages which I have done only for the 8ft distance. The print out comes out in the correct size targets and is great practice. If anyone would like a copy please PM me and I will email one to you.


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