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165 Rainier HP & Clays


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never exeed 3.5gr. OAL 1.150"

That seems odd, as Hodgdon lists 3.5 gr for 180 gr XTP. Wouldn't that create a lot more pressure than the 165? If you can go to 3.5 with 180 you should be able to over with a 165, right??

Nobody else here has used Clays with 165's?

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The reason I save never exceed 3.5gr, is that the bullet you are using is not a Jacketed projectile like the 180gr JHP they list, it is more like a lead projectile. Which will generate more pressure than a simialr weight Jacketed projectile.

Dogdon don't list Clays with anything other than a 135gr, a 155gr, or a 180gr JHP.

I tried 165gr Zero's JHP at about the 3.8gr (and got about 900fps = 149pf) which is half way between the MAXIMUM 180gr load and the MAXIMUM 155gr load for Clays. But with a Rainier it is safer to load more like a lead projectile and never fry the gun, than to use too much very fast burning powder with the wrong projectile. Especially at the SHORT load lengths that Hodgdon show.

If you use the 180gr load and get the same velocity as that (847fps) you will get 140pf. If you load a 180gr at 847 fps you get 152pf. Well below Major and I thought the idea was to get a minor load in the first instance.

Again seeing as I used a JHP not the Rainier I would estimate that with the slightly higher pressures of the Rainier you would get as I first suggested about 775 - 900fps with the loads I suggest. Try them and let us know what you get in your gun. As I never used Rainiers in the gun I have I can only theorise with a margin of safety.

"Your safety as I am sitting 8000 miles away sipping whisky"

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Loads that burn hot will usually blast the plating off the base of a plated bullet.

Clays is probably gonna do that. If it happens, you'll be lucky to get 12" groups at 25 yards. Lucky if the holes in the target are round in shape.

The consensus of most ppl I've spoken with is that you cannot drive a plated bullet faster than 850 or 900 fps & expect it to go downrange in one piece.

There are exceptions but they are very rare.

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Uhh, I call shenanigans on that nonsense. No sane load "blast the plating off the base of a plated bullet," "usually" or otherwise. No plated bullet will shed plating or disintegrate at a mere 1000fps, fired from a gun in good working order.

I can only imagine that the fellows you've conversed with were using the National Bullet copper-washed product or some other junk. Berry's, Rainier, and West Coast (not to mention Speer TMJ's) certainly do not fit that description in the slightest.

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