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does anyone shoot at TDSA in Dallas?

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If you join TDSA, you can pretty much shoot anything you like including class III weapons if you (leagally) own them. I havent shot there in awhile, but I know they had some flood damage awhile back. You can talk to the owner through the new IDSA website and find out if they are up and running agian. The owners name is Len Baxley.


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It is in Ferris, Just south of Dallas. Go give it a try, I have alot of lead laying out there.

you can pull up the map on www.tdsa.net


Hey - I did shoot there - my one and only foray into IDPA. DAMN nice people - all of em. Loaned me a vest on every stage - helpful to the last person. Had a pretty high round count and nice stages. Talked me into taking a class with a local guy who had a little "team" there - unfortunately I got called out of state to work before I had a chance to go back or take the training class. :(

I told all my buddies at the Leon County Gun Range in Buffalo about it and "someday" we are comming as a group to visit.


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