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Guidelines for the "Last Shot Fired" Forum


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Guidelines for the "Last Shot Fired" Forum:

This area is a memorial for those that are no longer with us but which have deeply touched our lives in some significant way.

Only entities which were once alive can be submitted. This includes people and pets but not relationships/marriages, organizations, companies, laws, rulebooks, cars, motorcycles, etc.

Keep all posts respectful. Humor is okay but it must be respectful of the dead. Remember that speaking ill of the dead is major bad karma! If you wouldn't do it in a cemetary or at a funeral it doesn't belong here.

Pictures are fine but please keep them of a reasonable size. Follow the Gallery guidelines for photos please.

If there are other online rememberances feel free to post links to these.

After a suitable mourning period has elapsed each thread will be locked by a moderator and retained as a rememberance of that spark of life which is now extinguished except in our hearts and minds.

If you have something significant to add to a closed thread, PM any moderator and they will reopen the thread and let you in.

(A special thanks goes out to Kimel for writing the guidelines. Thanks Kevin!)

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