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Limited Glock 34

Matt Cheely

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I'm just getting into USPSA and I finally got my gun done tonight.

Glock 34 with:

THE Extended Tungsten Guide Rod

ISMI 13lb Spring


Wolff reduced striker spring

Adjustable night sights

My own $10 trigger job.


Shot down at the local PPC league tonight. (That's my homemade mag base pad for the 10 rounder as we only load 6 for PPC). Shot a 598 - 34x out of 600 - 60x with it :D , so I can say I'm happy with the gun.

So if you're in the Mid Michigan area, let me know what the good matches are. B)

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The magwell is a no-go for USPSA Production, as are the base pads (even if you only load ten).

Good to go in Limited !

Siggy, not enough grip-tape for me...I'd have to run it on up on the left side. :)

598 out of 600 !!!

Nice shooting. What brand of sights is it wearing?

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Not sure of the brand of the sights as I bought the gun with them from a buddy. It has "Tru Dot" marked on the rear sight. Only paid $550 for the gun, sights, and 12 extra mags. 8 - 10 round and 4 - 17 round. Had about 1000 rounds through it. He couldn't shoot glocks very well... Much better with his 1911.

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