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tod jarret video


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It's been awhile since I watched mine (2001 copyright) but I remember being a little dissapointed just because of the fairly basic info. I loan it out to new shooters or ones that I'm trying to recruit now. Good quality info, just very basic... stance, grip etc. FWIW.

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I saw at a site that todd is selling a video. Any comments? anything new?link to order

While the Dawson website you provided a link to lists it at $29.99, in their recent (very cool looking) holiday flyer it is on sale for $19.99 until 31 January 2005.

If I was gonna buy it, I'd call them and get it at the reduced price. ;)


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I have the TJ tape. Save your money and put it toward either Matt Burkett's or The Burner Series. I have Burkett's 1-3 and 4. Play them quite a bit. VERY good. Brownell's now has Burner DVD's and you can buy the set or individual ones. I just ordered one of the volumes.

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