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I have to admit that I have a new obsession.

I'm the proud owner of a Taylor 410R.

For the masses it's basically Taylors version of a Martin D-28. Classic dreadnougth with rosewood sides and back, sika spruce top. It is a beauty and I can't believe the sound this box makes!!! My old plywood beater is gone!!! I wish all could hear how beautiful this thing sounds. It makes a hack like me sound good!!!

A few pics for the stringy types...





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Just trying to figure out what does that "Santa" tape on the turtle means???? <_<


Looks more like a metric to me... and methinks that Santa did NOT bring him the axe, hence the naming of the target. :D

BTW, nice block o' wood, 3QT. ;)

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Looks more like a metric to me...

What's that?

Never seen one here! :P


what springs are you running into it, and how flat does it shoot? :D

Wait, I don't see the sights on it, is this the reason why it's so close to a target? Point shooting only? :P

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Thanks for the compliments and suggestions all,,,

It sure is a nice sound box. It's kind of like a well made blaster/rig. It just calls me to practice. But I haven't given up on shootin', just making some changes and improving the quality of what toys I have left!!!

Send me a pic of that Koa Martin Steve, I'd like to see it!!!

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Nice, but it's no Esteban! :)

(I've been watching too much late night TV infomercials.)

Ok,,, Finally took a few and looked up Esteban Guitars. That's a good one. I just assumed it was a custom luthier that I hadn't heard of, (there are lots!)...

To let the others in on the joke,,,

Your Esteban Guitar Package Includes:

* Full Size Acoustic/Electric Steel String Guitar,

* All Wood with on Board Equalizer (on board electronics),

* Esteban's Powerful Amplifier with Master Controls plus an overdrive Button (with ten foot guitar amp cable),

* Deluxe Hard-sided Nylon Case with interior storage compartment,

* 2 DVD's: Instructional Lesson - three hours of instruction,

* 2 "Instructional Method for the Guitar" Lesson Books,

* 1 Esteban Polishing Cloth,

* Extra strings, picks, straps and alien key.

* Plus: Esteban's poster size Chord Chart

Only 3 Payments of $66.00

Unfortunetly I had to pay a few more pesos than that, and I didn't even get an 'official' polishing cloth!!!

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  • 7 months later...

I learned long ago that you can't go wrong buying the most expensive toys that you can afford. I looked long and hard before deciding between a Taylor and Martin. I chose Martin, because of volume and tone, but the Taylors played easier.

Now....what kind of music are you going to play....


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Now....what kind of music are you going to play....


Well I've had my 'new' guitar since January. ( Notice the thread start date). But I'm not an expert by any stretch. I play mostly bluegrass stuff. Not because I'm a big fan, but it's the funnest to play on a good acoustic. After I got the Taylor I took it to my dad's a few times. He was playing a real nice cut-a-way Grand Auditorium sized Takamine. He messed with mine a while and decided it was time for a new sound box. It's a common thing for our type. It's called GAS. Guitar Aquisition Syndrome!!! Anyway he was looking at different models and ended up with an HD-28. I'm not the fancy type so when I got my 410R I was comparing it with a D-28. After playing his for a few months now. ( Actually when I go to his house to visit I usually mutter a quick Hi or something as I'm heading for the case!!!) I know my next guitar with be a Martin. I normally play fingerstyle if I'm learning a new song or riff. Then when I start using a pick I tend to get kinda agressive. That's why I use a classic drednought. They take a beating beautifully!!! The huge difference between Taylor and Martin is the bone shattering growwwwlll when you hit the low E hard. There is no substitute for the Martin sound...

I really love the sound my Taylor makes, heck as a limited rosewood model it's basically the exact same materials as a D-28! But it aint no Martin!!!


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Nice piece. Looks good. There is no substitute for the throaty sound of an acoustic guitar. Beautiful stuff. I'm jealous you can play. I always wanted to. No rhythm. It affects my shooting too. :(

Steve Anderson,

Show pictures! I bet it's gorgeous. I love Koa.


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