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HELL FREEZES OVER! Details inside...


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At the gracious invitation of Area 6 Director Charles Bond and Area 6 Championship match directors Bill and Cindy Noyes, the hit Outdoor Channel show, SHOOTING GALLERY, will be filming the 2005 Area 6 Championships May 13-15. As the former match director for the regional match that became the Area 6 Championships, I'm honored by their invitation and excited to be, once again, involved with the Area 6s. Thank you, all!

We will filming in high-definition video (the ONLY shootng show and one of the few outdoor shows to film in exclusively in wide-screen hi-def). If you've seen our national award-winning coverage of the Steel Challenge, you have a good idea what to expect.

I guarantee you this will be the most stunning, the most in-your-face presentation of USPSA shooting ever filmed.

Time to rock and roll, kids!


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mb, I've certainly been happy with my new subscription to the Outdoor Channel. "Cowboys" is great viewing!

We USPSA shooters really appreciate your efforts to help promote our sport. Is there anyone we could e-mail at the Outdoor Channel to let them know how much we like watching the action shooting sports? I promise to be nice. For instance I wont say: " I realize that some folks are simply facinated by all those whispered conversations from a duck blind and hang with rapt attention on every phrase of bass boat philosophy. But some of us just like action! B) "

And yes, please make Shooter Grrl a big star! She's a real cool chick! :lol:

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Rhino...wide-angle lenses are EXPENSIVE!

G'rrl...start watching MTV's TOTAL PIMP-CHICK MAKEOVER and *visualize* purple! Stardom is on the way!

E-mail Jake Hartwick, my executive producer at jhartwick@outdoorchannel.com.

Thanks, all!


PS: Next season, we're doing an episode on Gunsite's Hunter Prep class with Mike Waddell from the hunting show Realtree Roadtrips. I told Waddell to be prepared for me sneaking up behind him just before a really hard shot and whispering, "Okay...w've been inthe field for, like 29 days, and we haven't seen a living creature...it's, like, post-apocalypic out here...the plane leaves in 20 minutes...we've got one last chance...OH MY GOD! THERE'S A BUCK THE SIZE OF A 2005 HUMMER..."

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Woohoo! I ala-carted the Outdoor Channel from DirecTV for Shooting Gallery and it's worth every penny of that $1.95! ;)

Mike, when did your Steel Challenge episode air? And when are they going to start spitting out reruns at 1am so I can TiVo all the shows I missed early on?

- Gabe

PS: Cool CZ episode the other day...

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