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Squib with factory ammo


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ROing a guy shooting a G 34. It was hoser stage and I was 2-3 paces behind the guy and heard a pop. Guy was frantically racking the slide to rechamber abd I yelled stop!!!! Has anybody had experience with this? Ammo was blazer. The primer ignited but the powder did not. Looks like it may have been contaminated. He told me he bought 2 cases. suggested to him to call blazer and complain and give lot no.

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Had two with Cor Bon and Federal Hydrashok of all things. Of course, the super-cheap gunshow stuff works every time.


You just made me feel really insecure about having my home defense gun loaded with 230gn .45 hydrashoks...

Please tell the whole story.

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I have had squibs in Win White Box .45 and .40 and "American Eagle (Federal)" .45. :angry: The first time it happened I didn't have a squib rod with me at the range so had to drive back to town and purchase a suitable rod in order to continue the practice session. :angry::wacko:

I have shot probably 250 rounds of Hydra-Shoks in the past 2 years and not had any problems.

I make it a practice that when I go to the range that I work with my carry gun (.45) at least every other practice session. The practice session ALWAYS ends with firing the current carry magazine of Hydra-Shoks. I then reload with fresh from the box and go on with things.

Yes, it is expensive but I figure the ammo has been carried around for a month (I don't get to practice nearly as often as I would like) and is probably starting to get grungy. I get it from Ammoman.com when they have a sale or from gun shows when I find good prices.

If I have me pocket gun along (NAA .32 acp) I do the same thing with it. Hydra-Shoks in that too.

We all probably know people that have the carry gun or night stand gun that is loaded with the same <insert ammo brand here> ammo that they bought the day they bought the gun. I don't belive in that. My 2 cents.

The long and short of it is that if you fire enough ammo you will eventually have a squib. Some people just get that "luck of the draw" sooner or more often than others.

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Squids have always scared the crap out of me. Not sure if I've ever had one but I know I've helped clear many. I carry two brass rods in my range bag one for 9 one for 40.

The two squibs I remember like it was yesterday were the two that happened while I was RO. Knowing what to listen for is the key, but at the speed this game is played I think luck has saved some fingers,eyes, etc... also!!!

Congrats on the squib stop Bulm540. Hope the shooter bought you a beer after the match!!!

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We have practice night every Wednesday at our club. One night a shooter had a squib round go off. He didn't know what had happened. As he was in the process of chambering another round, three of us yelled, at the top of our lungs, SQUIB. I think it scared the hell out of him, but an unfortunate circumstance was avoided.

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I think think that knowing what a squib round sounds like should be a requirement before becoming an SO.

Deliberately loading and firing squibs through my gun (single round in the gun only) was one of the first things I did when I learned about them, reading my then brand new IPSC rulebook, and having just gotten my press. I wanted to know the sound so that I could stop MYSELF if I had one, not just stop someone else (I hadn't even thought about becoming an RO/SO at that point).

Unfortunately, while I was congratulating myself on my forsight, I managed to forget to bring a squib rod...


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I became a master of the squib round when I started reloading on my own. I figured out how to improperly adjust a Dillon 550 so that it didn't drop powder everytime. It turned out to be an expensive lesson. I loaded about a thousand 9mm rounds, went to the range, and the fun began!!

That batch is sitting somewhere..........


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