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I received my used Czechmate from Buds today, I must say that I am more then happy! If it has even been shot I cannot tell! There are no marks at all on the mags or followers and the magwell has no scratches at all! I can't wait to get it to the range!





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Price was just south of $2700. Took it to the range today and ran a few rounds through it. I put 100 rounds of 124 CMJ MG over 7.7 and 7.8 grains of Silhouette. It ran flawlessly. I brought my chrono but forgot the cable for the display so I couldn't chrono the loads. This same load in my old STI open gun was about 170 pf and were a bit longer (1.165-1.170 for the sti and I ran the CZ at 1.158-1.160.) so I am assuming I was in the mid 175 PF range. No signs of pressure except a little in the primer but was using federals so I expected that. I ran the big stick maxed to 26 rounds and a 9mm mag with a CZ base and grams spring/follower from my TS loaded to 23 rounds. Both ran wioth no issues. Groups were about 1.5-2 in offhand at about 15 yards.

I also ran some minor loads I had. They were 125 gr zero JHP over 4.1 grains titegroup loaded to 1.100. These also ran exceptionally well. It was like shooting a .22! LOL The one thing i did notice was that with the minor loads I could see the dot dip low big time as the slide returned. I will have to play with the springs if I decide to shoot minor for 3 gun etc... Total round count was about 150 with no issues at all. I just put an order in to CZ Custom for spring/follower kits, a couple more big stick and bases to get me to 29 rounds.

A question for other Czechmate/CZ open guys- Have you run any of the new Blu bullets or Blabk Bullets Int. through them and how have they help up. I am going to order some more bullets and was looking at those because of the price and recent talk of people using them with success in open guns.

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BBI's are fine to run in it. I was running 6.8WAC under a 125RN at 1.150 for a 173 PF. It was flat for sure. Good but in that one. I would like to hear how it was "used". :)

The CZC basepad and 13 coil spring will for sure get you to 29 in the 170 magazine and is super reliable.

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